ANGELS is a feature film script.

What awaits you when you die? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Would you be able to tell the difference?

ANGELS is a bold answer to life’s greatest question.

The afterlife is a business. There are jobs to do. Every passing soul is a new assignment.

When traveling salesman Russell dies in a car wreck, a dark figure appears on the scene, breathing the earth’s forbidden air through a tattered gas mask. After snapping Polaroids of the accident site, he drags Russell’s lifeless body off to the Facility—a windowless, concrete box—where his team awaits.

What kind of man was Russell? And who is the young girl clinging to life in the wreckage? An investigation into Russell’s life is the task set before the workers at the Facility—Round Glasses, Long White Coat, 18 and 40.

Using archaic, torturous technology, the team can only observe Russell’s final 24 hours.

From this voyeuristic vantage, Russell is a man of questionable character. Away from his wife and new baby, he hungers for companionship. His desperation works against him until Russell meets seventeen-year old Kristi, a waitress working at a roadside diner. A fellow lost soul, Kristi is beyond her years. Living with a possessive and incestuous uncle, she yearns for freedom. Russell takes it upon himself to play the role of liberator, but is his violent action driven by noble intent or selfish desire?

Under the constant, watchful eye of an otherworldly surveillance system, the investigators toil—imperfect beings passing judgment on imperfect souls. All they know is their jobs. They have no sense of identity, only strict rules to follow, and a nameless, faceless entity as their boss.

Long White Coat’s maternal presence is the only comforting element in the Facility. Looming over the group, Round Glasses brutally punishes 18 and 40 for the exploration of their mutual desires and harasses Long White Coat with his obsessive advances. Trapped in an oppressive environment, 18 and 40 make a rebellious escape into the outside world. A major rule is broken and their flight plunges them into the past where the truth behind their afterlife sentences, the Facility and its operator is revealed.