Feature Film

HOLLYWOOD premiered in Australia at the 2015 Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

Couple reviews: ScreenSpace and Cult Projections

The cast is stellar, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work they all did to bring the script to such vibrant life. You can check out the teaser trailers at the website for the film HERE.

Dana Melanie as Farrah

Grainger Hines as Dave

Cyrina Fiallo as Mary Elizabeth

Michael Serrato as Brad Pitt (not the actor Brad Pitt, just a gay gangster pimp who happens to have the same name and insists you always refer to him by his entire given name.)

Avalon Rossi Tipton as CiCi

Morgan Rea Styers as Madison

Frankie Como as Frankie

Grasie Mercedes as Crystal

Willam Belli as Champagne

Benjamin Hughes as Chauncey


The crew was equally amazing, dedicated and talented folks, all. Looking forward to sharing their work with the world. My producers, Sam Zuckerman and Tom Bailey, and my DP, Dominique Martinez, made this film possible. It couldn’t have happened without them. Their hard work and belief in me and the project was unparalleled and I hope I am lucky enough to work with all three again.

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